Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Introduction to Embedded Mobile Linux

To understand the exciting, relatively new, mobile Linux technology, you need background knowledge on embedded Linux, real-time Linux and handheld Linux.

What is Embedded Linux

Linux for mobile phones and other mobile devices is part of the field of "Embedded Linux". "Embedded" refers to the concept of integrating a computational system (a small computer) into a machine or device, other than an ordinary computer, in order to make such machines smarter and more flexible. That is, the primary function of such a machine is something other than being a computer. For example, a specialized computer could be embedded in a car to control ignition, fuel injection, anti-lock braking, and the many other functions of a modern car.

Real-Time is Important

For such applications it is important that the computer system responds quickly and reliably to any tasks given to it, that is, it needs to be run by a "real-time" operating system.

What is a Mobile Computing Device

Mobile simply means portable, easy to be moved about. Several technologies help to make a computing device mobile. First, the size has be small, preferably handheld. It should be powered with rechargeable batteries, and wireless technologies for transmitting and exchanging data have become important as well.

Hot Stuff - Embedded Computer Systems That are Also Mobile

Although an embedded system can be part of a stationary device (e.g., a home security system), and not all mobile devices have embedded or real-time components (e.g., a personal digital assistant or PDA), the greatest interest right now is in embedded computer systems in mobile devices, such as mobile phones.

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